Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Take Care of Braid Hairstyles Tips

Currently taking care of Braid Hairstyle by using the afro-hairstyle regime. Braids on and off. In braids, with shampoo and conditioner everyday. Then add hair strengthener and braid sheen, then moisturizing gel to retain the moisture. Add emu oil mixed with a few drops of lavender ess oil to the roots before totally dry. When hair is not in braids, wash (Suave fortifying formula for dry hair) the hair on Wednesdays air dry/ add hair strengthener/ leave in conditioner (detangler MTG). Let it air. Add jojoba oil to the hair and do box braids before completely dry. Clip the ends at least once a month to get rid of any frizzy ends.

For example, on Saturday night you could pre-poo with honey, olive oil and a mixture of oils, infused with herbs, put on plastic cap. And then on Sunday do a deep conditioner with Le Kair (pink) under hood dryer and then add hair strengthener and MTG, etc.

The styling products - mineral oil and petroleum products. They looked like they work at first but then the dryness starts - no good. To increase the use of more natural products, like honey and essential oils and castile soap.

The food - Eat more natural foods and decrease the rich foods that taste so good but not beneficial for your body in the long term. Remember to take vitamins and cod liver oil. If anyone is interested Carlson fish oils are recommended as one of the best and taste OK too.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Popular Long Hairstyle

With the long locks, you get to choose from and almost endless list of possible styles irregardless of if you have straight hair or curly hair, wavy hair or frizzy hair. You can also get away with just about any hairstyle if you have long hair - whether you choose to let it fly loose or pile it up high.

One of the more popular hairstyles that women with long hair are trying is the layered look worn loose. While this look can be applied to basically any hair type, it is highlighted best on the woman with wavy hair. The layer is typically trendy when the ends are either flipped inwards or outwards - the wavy hair is easy to groom into those positions. While the straight hair also flows nicely with a layered cut, it is more difficult to get it to keep the ends styled inwards or outwards. Layers would go completely unnoticed on the woman with curly or frizzy hair, although it may be a useful cut to take off some of the extra bulk of the hair so that it does not overwhelm the smaller or finer woman.

Long curly hair can be very easily worn open either gently clipped behind in a crowned effect, or left completely open. Long straight hair is also very pretty when worn opened. The frizzy hair on the other hand would be very difficult to maintain when open so most women with long frizzy locks tend to stay away from the hairstyles which require them to be kept open.

When worn up, the long hair can be easily pulled into a pony for that quick casual run out (messy or unkempt ponytails are a bit more appealing than tight severe ones) or tightly piled high with soft tendrils framing the face for that special occasion out. The long hair, regardless of its texture (curly, straight, frizzy or wavy), can be braided, pulled into a loose sophisticated knot at the back of the neck, French twisted, or simply clipped into a bun at the crown of the head. By no means is this list exhaustive - you can come up with just about any style for any occasion for your beautiful long hair that would simply be the envy of the event.

Beauty of Medium Hairstyles

Medium hair takes lesser time to wash and can be set with a few strokes of any hair brush. It is mainly apt for working women and school-going young girls who find it difficult to manage long hair. Many others who like to experiment with different hair styles also prefer medium-cuts to get a new look.
It is also suitable for people who have thin hair. They get a bounce that makes their hair look heavier and better. People with natural long curls can equally enjoy a medium style. A jagged layer is a popular hairstyle for women because it does not require frequent trimming thereby reducing the need to visit salons frequently. Razor-cut is another option that adds a glam factor to both straight and curly hair.
People with straight hair can prefer side-parting to make hair look fluffy. Normal long layers on the sides and a bang at the center is normally liked by people who have straight and thin hair.
Medium hairstyles can be tied in a pony tail or with a clutch for the purpose of comfort. They do not require many setting procedures and maintenance products. Another advantage is that both center and side-parting looks apt in medium styles. Highlighting medium styles add some extra detail in the look. It makes the layers look more prominent and defined.
Medium hairstyles are also divided into two categories, formal medium hairstyle and casual medium hairstyle. Formal styles are neat, structured, and require styling procedures. They are normally carried for a short span of time i.e. while attending a formal occasion like wedding, awards function, farewell party, etc. The style is kept intact using hair sprays, rollers, clips, pins, and bands.

Casual styles are slightly unkempt, free-flowing, and easily manageable. They require a styling time of maximum 10 minutes and need a trimming once in a month to retain the style. The styles can also be carried in semi-formal occasions.

Nowadays, the technology has advanced to such a level that one can create their computer images in different hairstyles to know which style will suit them the best. This reduces the risk involved in experimenting a new look. Moreover, a number of hairstyling websites show variety of latest hair styles and the list of hairdressers for one's convenience and exposure.

Most Popular Short Hairstyles

Looks are most popular this year :
Most Popular Short HairstylesMost Popular Short Hairstyles

Most Popular Short HairstylesMost Popular Short Hairstyles

Most Popular Short HairstylesMost Popular Short Hairstyles
Most Popular Short Hairstyles
Most Popular Short HairstylesMost Popular Short Hairstyles

Most Popular Short Hairstyles
Most Popular Short HairstylesMost Popular Short Hairstyles

Most Popular Short HairstylesMost Popular Short Hairstyles

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hairstyles Curly Hair

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