Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drugstore Eyeshadows...

This is just a quick blurb:

I bought this eyeshadow quad from Wal Mart last week since I needed a small neutral selection for everyday use...browns and pinks are my favorites.

Though I am a huge advocate of drugstore cosmetics (and drugstore priced brands, like Coastal Scents), I can't say I am a fan of most drugstore eyeshadows. All brands seem equally chalky and equally weak in pigmentation. This quad was no exception. After two uses it is now banished to the bottom drawer. Not only was the formula very powdery but the colors were almost completeley invisible. Even the dark brown shade comes off as a pale taupe on my lid. It gets a sad 2/10 rating from me.

Incidentally, the only eyeshadow I can unreservedly recommend from drugstores is NYX. The colors are strong and the formulas are silky...MAC comparable quality. However, NYX is only available at Target around here and those are few and far between in my neck o' the woods. So it's back to online shopping for me, when it comes to eyeshadows.

That's all for now...Cheerio!