Friday, July 17, 2009

The 'Middy' Haircut

The Middy Haircut was a staple of the 1940's. It was an economical haircut that spoke of the times and the country's adaptation to the wartime cause. Ivan Anderson, a prominent hairstylist for Warner Brothers Studios, was the creator of the cut. He realized the need for a haircut that provided a good basis for the elaborate hairstyles of the time, without showing disregard for the war effort and the world's need for simplicity. Thus 'the middy' was born. It is a layered cut that creates a rounded shape and a proper showcase for the curled sets that were so indicative of Hollywood Glamour in the 40's.

My hair has lately been in a modified middy, which means it doesnt follow a diagram to the letter, but it does work for the vintage hairstyles I love. I usually just tell my stylist to cut my hair the same length all over...sometimes seven, sometimes ten inch layers. However, today I decided to put my trusty scissor-girl to the test by actually giving her a vintage middy diagram and putting her to work. She did a fantastic job. I opted for the "middy-long" which is six inches at its longest point (the lowest nape area) and isn't 'long' at all. But it will look great w/ many of the shorter vintage styles I've been trying to replicate.

So those of you who eye these diagrams and feel they look too complicated....or those who take the diagram to a stylist who says that is 'impossible'...DON'T BELIEVE IT. According to the owner of the small-town Salon I visited, this is standard 'beauty-school' stuff and anyone who WANTS to, can do it.

The middy is still going strong!