Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Diamonds and Dames' visits Mary Haines

The Diamonds and Dames series, for those of you who haven't been visiting my Youtube channel lately, is a series devoted entirely to your requests. The hairstyles will be based on movie characters from the past or from current retro-styled movies...and Mary Haines was the first challenge.

My hair is currently a little past shoulder length, so this very short style (a style using the 'shingle' haircut ) was difficult to mimic. However, I think we've come up w/ a somewhat successful alternative. The style was achieved using sponge rollers that will significantly draw up the length of hair. I alternated the sponge rollers (small to medium sized rollers) so that the curls would have more of a 'stacked' and natural appearance. Bobby Pins were used to additionally shorten the hair.

I hope you all enjoy it...and following is a synopsis of the film Mary Haines appears in...The Women.

The Women-1939
Directed by George Cukor
Starring Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford.

The Women is an all-female account of marital infidelity, told in a sometimes comical, sometimes heartbreaking manner. Mary Haines is one of the social elite but unlike most of her peers, she happens to be in a very healthy and happy marriage as well. She and her husband Stephen have a daughter, little Mary, as well as material prosperity, social status, and love. Mary's 'paradise' begins to crumble however, when her conniving girlfriend Sylvia (scenery chewing Rosalind Russell), hears from a manicurist that Stephen Haines is 'stepping out on Mary'. Syliva and her friends spread the gossip mercilessly, which inevitably results in heartbreak. After a hurried divorce, Stephen resignedly marries the spiteful cat who led him astray, Crystal Allen (Joan Crawford). But Mary soon realizes that her love for her ex-husband is still strong enough to surmount any obstacle, including the world's disdain and her own pride. Along with her loyal friends and supportive mother, she goes on a mission to regain the relationship she cast aside and bring her family back together.