Thursday, December 17, 2009

How-To: Showgirl/Burlesque Style from Tuesday's Tutorial.

Aye Me. It seems that Sony Music Group hasnt yet worked out the 'kink' of making the music in my vids, that belongs to them, available to German audiences. I apologize for that and other than uploading a muted video, which I hate to do, I'm not sure what else to do...other than using Audio Swap or Royalty Free music (and the snob in me just has issues with that). So for now, I will deal with this by providing a written tutorial for the style I created, to the best of my ability.

The style on Monday was a photo of Corrine Calvet (originally mistaken for Anita Eckberg) and is a gorgeous voluminous hairstyle that immediately made me think of a burlesque performer or a showgirl. I achieved it somewhat, by following these steps:

1. Using Hot Sticks or Sponge Rollers, roll the hair at the crown back and away from the face. Use smaller sized Hot Sticks for this section. The hair at the sides can be rolled down and with the larger sized Hot Sticks. If you use sponge rollers, stick with the same setting pattern but medium sized rollers all over.

2. Once rollers are set, remove them carefully and brush out the curls. Take large sections and brush them over the hand to keep them soft and piecy, like the photo. As always, brushing against the hand will fight frizz as well. On the light side of the part, brush the hair back-away from the face- and spray into position.

3. On the the heavy side of the part: Grab large sections at the crown and pin curl them in a random order, so that they look like large natural curls on top of the head. Roll the pincurls away from the part and if you like, you may pin them farther forward so they fall like bangs over the forehead. Continue to arrange the top hair until it is to your liking and if you prefer, continue to pin sectioned curls as the hair falls towards the shoulder. This is really a matter of taste.

4. Apply a feather clip or other embellishment, if you like, and add some dramatic makeup. Glitter is a plus!

The heavy side of the part: