Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday~ Gettin' "Snoody:

Snoods have been around since the middle ages but during the 1940's they experienced a resurgence, when ladies needed a way to keep their lovely hair out of the machinery of the factories where they were obliged to work. It signified their commitment to the war effort and it also prevented the necessity of their cutting their Veronica Lake inspired long hair. Soon the look was transitioning to the dance floor, since the ladies didn't like to go home and reset their locks for a night out. So they dressed them up with ribbons, flowers, and elaborate barrell curls.

This week's tutorial is in response to several requests for a 'snood' style as well as an opportunity to use some of the lovely nets that Cassey provided me from her darling Etsy shop

The first style is inspired loosely by a snood style from Lauren Rennells book Vintage Hairstyling. It is a softer and less precise adaptation of that look and I paired it with a bright yellow snood/rose combo, for springtime:

The 2nd hairstyle is much easier to accomplish and consists of a conservative pompadour and side combs:

That latter style is good for evening, especially with this lace embellished rose and black snood.

Option one can be seen below and option two is easily reached through video response: