Thursday, August 5, 2010

'Animated Angels' Takes On Jane Jetson

This 'episode' of 'Animated Angels' was inspired by the spacy glamour of Jane Jetson!

A longtime fan of 'The Jetsons', I was anxious to do a take on her style that insinuated futuristic 'class', as it was seen thru the eyes of an older generation. 'The Future That Never Was', so to speak. Therefore, I decided to do something that transcended a specific decade and focused instead on hair and makeup that could be considered 'timeless' space-age beauty. Instead of doing those signature 'wing's with the hair, I opted for a flat pin curl that still alluded to that general appearance without being too literal. I also really amped up the 'frostiness' of the eye makeup, surrounding them with lots of starry shimmer and bold color. Below is a step by step reconstruction of the look as well as a full product list:

Products Used:
For Hair:
Hawleywood's High Performance Hair Gel
HW's Grooming Spray
Layrite Deluxe Pomade
Hot Rollers
Bobby Pins
Hair Brush (I Love a good stiff rubber bristle)
High Hold Hairspray

Makeup Used:
Sigma Makeup Brushes
Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers Makeup in buff beige
Makeup Forever Concealer Palette
Besame' Eyebrow Pencil
Sedona Lace 120 Palette
Nyx Loose Eye Shadow in 'Pearl'
Lineur Intense Loreal Liquid Liner in black
Sexy Curves Mascara by Rimmell-Waterproof Formula
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in 'Milk'
Mary Kay Signature blush in 'Winter Rose'
Noir Red Lipstick from Besame' Cosmetics
66 Lip Palette

Video Tutorial:

Step One: While hair is still wet, make sure to give yourself a clean center part and if you have bangs, aim them away from the part with a good that won't flake once hair is dry. Also prep the hair with a good grooming spray or styling product that you know will lend hold without making hair sticky.

Step Two: Dry hair. Then roll the hair in small sections, aiming under. Keep smaller rollers around the top.

Step Three: Allow Rollers to cool completely before removing. Shake out the curls and brush thru throughly.

Step Four: Separating a small side section, roll it upward into a flat pin curl. Pin in place, placing the pins inside the curl to hide them as well as possible. Small pins work best for this, especially if your hair is fine.

Step Five: Repeat on the other side. You should now have two symmetrical rolls on each side.
If you have bangs, try to blend them in w/ the rolls so that shorter pieces are not evident and the style resembles Janes signature 'wings'.

Step Six: Brush the rest of the hair smoothly under. If your hair is shorter, naturally the effect will be a more literal translation of that 'jetson' style. Spray for hold and use pomade to tame flyaways.