Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Becoming Joan...

Has there been a more monumental case for retro fashion in recent years than the cast of Mad Men? Joan Holloway seems to be the most inspiring and influential of the bunch and it's easy to see why. Christina Hendricks' uber-curvy frame coupled with the fiery personality of the character are definitely memorable, to say the least. Also, I'm the first to jump on board when red headed dames are getting media attention...heh heh.

I have received many requests lately for this style of Joan's, her signature office up do. Since the show covers one year per season, it is no wonder that the up do has changed a bit over the course of the series. I've noticed that recently (and authentically), the style incorporates a lot more false hair than it used to, in keeping with that natural trend towards volume that was so popular as the sixties progressed. The style I chose to do for this look was one that I felt was more indicative of the earliest episodes of the show and catered to my favorite aesthetic. Also, it suits my thinner and finer hair better than something that calls for more volume. I will probably do another 'Joan' style eventually, utilizing some false hair.

Since Germany has been blocked from viewing the attached video (due to copyright disputes between GEMA and Youtube), I am including the following step by step instructions for my German audience. I'm sorry I have not been able to include some photos but I never know ahead of time which videos will be blocked from your country and lord help me, I'm not committed enough to take photos along the way, 'just in case'...haha!

First, a look at the style we're going for:

You will need:
Hot Rollers (or any kind of roller set that gives your hair large curls)
Hair Gel (flexible hold is preferable...Layrite/Hawleywood Hair Gel that I use, is available here on my store.)
HW's Grooming Spray (also available here at my store. Sorry I don't know of any successful alternative to this product)
Tre Semme' Heat Tamer Spray
A Good Brush
Hair Pins
Bobby Pins
High Hold Hair Spray
A Curling Iron (for bangs and touch ups)
Teasing (or rat tail) comb
Step One: After washing hair (especially if your hair is fine)and while hair is still damp, apply some good flexible hold gel along the crown area, to assist in volume.

Step Two: Also apply a grooming spray through the towel dried hair, which assists in making the hot roller set 'take'.

Step Three: While blow drying hair, make sure to aim the top section (behind any fringe) back, using hands to add as much volume as possible and to fight against any natural part, that your hair tends towards.

Step Four: Roll the top section (crown section) back, using the smallest hot rollers in your set. Spray each section with a thermal protectant spray before hand.

Step Five: Roll the sides and back downward, using medium rollers. Allow rollers to cool completely.

Step Six: Release cooled rollers; brush hair upside down, to create that sixties volume. Don't brush too much or you'll brush the curls away.

Step Seven: Take the top section only, the section directly at the top of your head, and tease it in sections, to create that signature sixties bump (or fall). Smooth the top of the 'poof' with your fine toothed comb, push forward slightly, and pin in place using two bobby pins (kirby grips) in an x-formation.

Step Eight: Bring up one side, tease lightly, and pin in place over the two bobby pins holding the poof in place. If you have Lauren Rennells' book, 'Vintage Hairstyling' , this part will be easier. You want to pin the sides in such a way that the bobby pins are inserted into the 'bump' and barely show. This provides a uniform look.

Step Nine: Next, pull up the back of your hair, brush the underside smoothly, and twist upward into a 'french twist', pinning in place using hairpins, inserted into the twist. Leave the ends of the twist free.

Step Ten: Pin Curl the ends of the twist into as many pin curls as you like. You can make these curls as defined or soft as you like. Spray entire style well with hairspray and you're done.


Video tutorial here: