Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trimming Up

Gheesh. Where did Spring go? Summer has hit us with a full frontal assault, here in Tennessee. The heat has been bad but with the humidity, 90 degrees feels like an easy 120. All I wanna do is hit the pool but after having delivered my 4th baby in January and after 5 months of almost NO regular exercise, hiding seems to be the easier option.

Since my teens, I've always been very regimented with my workout routine. I had a membership to the local gym just before I got married and after I married, I started working out at home. I invested in a good quality aerobic 'step' (the popular thing in the 1990's) and some free weights. I also participated in group Kickboxing, Jazzercise, and Water Aerobics. When we moved to the country, a local gym wasn't an option so I went back to my tv workout, using Fit Tv as my motivator. I also purchased more equipment, including a stability ball and pilates mat.

Now we live in town again but the budget (for a family of six) simply doesn't allow for a gym membership. In addition, Fit Tv is no longer an option with our current cable service. So I fell off my routine and noticed that the weight I dropped so quickly after giving birth, was creeping back. After much reworking of the budget, I realized that the most cost effective way for me to get back in shape (considering the fact that the kids would be difficult to tote along on a daily strolls around the neighborhood) would be to invest in a few good exercise videos. I did well following the routines of Cathe Frederich on Fit Tv. Her programs are extremely challenging but can also be tailored to your individual fitness level. The music is upbeat, the environment is basic, and her personality does not annoy me. This is an important point since I will likely be watching her often.

I checked her website and discovered there were many videos I had never seen, in spite of the fact that others had aired repeatedly on Fit Tv. So I chose one that included a weight training segment and an intermediate step routine. Though 'Step' is somewhat 'dated' now, I find that my thin legs benefit from this type of exercise. After a month, I plan to purchase another video and incorporate it into my week as well. Not an ideal situation, but I'll certainly keep you posted on my progress.

Drinking water and cutting out refined and pre-packaged foods has always been the most full-proof way for me to slim down, in the past, so I also plan to do that. Feel free to dish about what YOU do for fitness, in the comments. I'd love to hear it...


The time has also come for another kind of 'trimming up'. The hair must come off. The heat is getting to me and I'm tired of resorting to various buns and ponytails in order to keep it off of my neck. Last night, I wore a complex looking chignon with a sweater twin set, pencil skirt, and horn rimmed glasses. My husband said I looked like Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island, when she was pretending to be a librarian.

Anyway, I'm anxious to try out some styles I have had requested and to finally get some good finger waving practice in. I am taking two photos to the salon with me, of styles I'd like to try wit the cut, and hopefully I'll also be able to film the process. My hair is to my bra strap right this will be pretty drastic.

Change is good!