Friday, February 3, 2012

If You Love Something-Find Something Even Better

Hot Sticks are beginning to annoy me. Yes, it's true. They still give a great authentic curl...I use the heck out of them. And that is the rub. Because the more I use them, the more 'limber' they get. And the more 'limber' they get (especially the small ones), the more they 'pop open' while they're setting. For a while, I could get by with just using a duckbill clip to 'reinforce' the joint of the roller, so it couldnt slide open. Now, even that seems to be failing me.

My choices are clear. Either buy a new set and start 'from scratch' ( a difficult thing to do since I've had the same Remington hot rollers since 1995), or look for something else. So I did a little research, and this is what I found:

In order to get a truly authentic looking retro set with a heated product, you need tight curls. Curling irons just don't give me the same effect and I get impatient making dry pin curls since I can just use rollers in half the time. My search revealed some interesting things. First, small curls from a heated set are also sought after by another community: the pageant community. This makes me scared. But I am also tenacious. And it looks like the product that is most desired (and which lucky ebay folks are RACKING UP on) is the Remington Tight Curls set:

Supposedly, these get good and HOT...and since my old set from the 1990's are also Remingtons, I can vouch for that. But the kicker is that these are going for from 50-80.00 on Ebay. Supply and demand, you know? Do I really want to pay that? Not really. But I have to admit, it does make me want them even more.

Then I remembered these:

Do ya'll remember these? Clairol Lock and Roll Rollers! I remember using them religiously (around the time I attended Bryan Adams 'Wakin Up the Neighbors' concert...haha). They got really hot and they provided small curls, from what I remember. They're also a 'hot item' among the pageant crowd, going for around 30.00 or so on Ebay. I'm in a pickle.

But I'm sure you'll see one or the other of these in some upcoming videos because the Hot Sticks are bout to end up in my neighbor's yard!