Monday, March 5, 2012

Sponsor Salute!

Here we are again, singing the praises of those lovely shops that keep Lisa Freemont Street going:


1. Jitterbuggin' The lovely photo above features model Amanda Lee, looking gorgeous in her Hawthorne Pinafore skirt from Portland's own 'Jitterbuggin'! I love the attention to vintage authenticity that designer Kimberly painstakingly gives to all her pieces. You will love it too and I hope that you'll visit the link to the right and also check out the video review I did or this self same pinafore skirt! We need more great companies like this here in the U S of A! Check them out on Facebook too...

2.Veroque and By the Belt-Etsy Shops by Vered
I found a beautiful skinny belt on Etsy that I just had to have! And the shop, By the Belt, has so many other great things. I love Etsy anyway...I mean, who DOES'NT want personal attention and handmade items? But this gal has a jewelry shop called Veroque as well, so she has even more cause for your attention. The pieces are beautiful and classic, with a twist. Visit the link to the right and don't forget to check out my video product review and GIVEAWAY for these shops on Youtube. The Giveaway ends March 10th so there is still plenty of time to enter!

3. Vintage Hair-The Store
So I've been keeping this one quiet but it's time to let it out! This store has a pin curling tool that you MUST HAVE for your all your pin curl sets. I haven't demonstrated it yet on my channel because I need my middy cut to grow out just a little, in order to show you properly. But it's coming, I promise! You will love this thing and I do too. They also offer books for your styling assistance. Visit the link to the right to purchase the pin curler and other great vintage tools.


4. Queen Of Heartz
Queen of Heartz is still on board as a sponsor and I'm happy to have them! New stuff is coming quickly and you will LOVE the items I will be showing in a coming video. I'll also be hosting a Queen of Heartz GIVEAWAY with that video so don't miss it! Til then, check the link to the right to shop the site to your 'heartz' content. ;-)