Friday, June 28, 2013

Sponsor Salute-June 2013

This is a 'summertime' salute, featuring some of the items available from my lovely sponsors that truly speak to the warmer months.
Starting with:

Belle Blossoms:

For'June Brides', you can't go wrong with these simple birdcage veils that set themselves apart by being the only ones I know of that feature 'Grip Tuth' side combs! The security of these combs is legendary and has been for over half a century. They simply CAN'T slip. Add a few blossoms or a feather fascinator to truly personalize the headpiece!

Vintage Hair:

For authentic hair styles, pin curls are your best friend. And nothing creates a sculptured pin curl as well as the pin curling tool at Vintage Hair. For me, its the tricky bits at the back of the head that make this tool so handy. I feel it's a great investment for anyone who is just starting out or those of us who are too lazy to apply perfection to every set.

Heartbreaker Fashion:

Ahoy! Natutical pieces are some of my favorite things for summer and they're absolutely ageless! So make sure to shop the 'sailor' link at Heartbreaker and choose your favorite before they're gone. After all, summer holidays and sailor fashions go together like cold beer and barbequed ribs!

Kelly Grace Art:
Summer says nostalgia to many of us, and speaking of which, Kelly Grace has a lovely must-see line of art pieces that celebrate Fisher Price toys of the past. I love her style, as all of you know, and this series really speaks to me. Inquire on facebook for pricing and availability:


Nothing says summertime like a vintage wrap dress and no one does one better than Heyday! The outfit I featured on my channel this month was a big hit and the Fleur Dress is bound to be popular as well. Boasting authentic 1940's detailing and in a variety of fabrics (like this adorable 'faux two piece' option), ease and comfort has never been so sassy!

Queen of Heartz:

Most of you know Queen of Heartz for their elegant dresses, but how utterly adorable is this precious pair of Coverall Shorts?! Shorts these days tend to cater to the younger crowd, but ladies of any age can flaunt their legs this summer in some conservatively cut shorts and a pair of espadrilles!

Thanks again to all of my sponsors for their support!!