Monday, July 15, 2013

Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner! PLUS Stuff I'm Loving Today

Drum Roll Please....

The winner of the 50.00 Shabby Apple Gift Certificate is....


Congratulations, Toots! Just send me an email at and I'll arrange to get you your gift. Don't spend it all in one place! Oh wait...I guess you have to...;-)

So what am I loving today? Well there are a few things.

I'm loving my local CASH SAVER food store, where everything is sold at cost plus 10 percent. Yay savings!! Plus, the local one here in Midtown Memphis has an AMAZING beer department featuring obscure and wonderful brews from obscure and wonderful breweries all over the world...they host tastings and have fantastic prices too. Loving Memphis Right now...

Hmmm, what else...I am loving Les Paul and Mary Ford doing Am I Blue...which I heard for the first time today. Is there anything more heavenly than Mary Ford's voice? I adore her guts:

Today I drove through Memphis and enjoyed seeing the crape myrtlesin full bloom. They're so pretty, they just make me sick:

Other stuff to love:
Grilled Brussel Sprouts
Just pop them into an aluminum pouch (cut the sprouts in half if you like smaller pieces), add some olive oil and butter. Add Cajun seasoning. Grill to desired tenderness. Dang, that's good.

Sherlock. Benedict Cumberpatch is really dishy. And the show is so frickin' well done. We have watched all but the final episode...and we're saving it because I'll be sad when I'm done!

Rogue Chipotle Ale:
I love-a the beer. I like to try a couple of brews I've never tried before every week and this was the beer of the week for sure. Unbelievable how a beer can be so drinkable and still have an aftertaste of adobo sauce. Yurm.

Sydney-aka 'The Golden Girl of the West'. I wish I had as much style consciousness in my whole body that Sydney has in her itty bitty fingers. Can we just talk about this whole blessed ensemble for a minute?

And my current IG crush is Dear Miss Daisy, whose perfect 'every day' hair makes me kinda wanna shave my head:

Okay,that's enough for now...:)