Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lovely Blog Award *sniff sniff*

I happily, and very proudly, accept my "One Lovely Blog Award" from Unlaced Beauty!

But of course i must comply with the rules of receiving such an award, and they are:

Accept the Award
Post it on my Blog
Post the name and link the person who has granted the award
Post the award onto 15 other newly discovered blogs
Notify the Bloggers that they have been awarded

So here are my chosen :

the bookyeti vignettes (private blog)
the silent podium (a guy may have issues with posting this girlie award but his blog is one of my favorites)
Meet Me At Ruby's
Red Lips Bride
Bobby Pin Blog
The Freelancer's Fashion Blog
casey brown designs

I don't subscribe to that many blogs so I couldnt get all the way to 15, unfortunately. Anyway...:)