Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diamonds and Dames~Episode 11~ 'Laura' Inspired 1944 Layered Waves

One of my most requested looks is the style worn by the exquisite Gene Tierney in the 1944 Film Noir classic, 'Laura'. I can already see the comments I'll get on the video tutorial: "Where do you get off trying to look like Gene Tierney?" I do get those comments...and I blame ignorance, of course. In no way am I trying to impersonate the actress in question with these videos, but instead I am attempting to help other ladies capture a similar hairstyle/makeup look, so that they can feel as beautiful as the ladies of these old films. After all, we need another Beyonce'/Miley Cyrus/Lady Gaga tutorial like we need a hole in the head.

This style consists of lovely layered waves. I am almost certain it was created with pin curls and since Gene had natural wave to her hair, it was a perfect look for her. My hair is stick straight and a bit too long to successfully use the following Pin Curl Setting Pattern, but it will achieve a very similar appearance to Tierney's sleek waves if your hair is tapered to the proper length . I based these diagrams on a vintage book that discussed how to achieve this exact style. Like an idiot, I neglected to write down the name of said book and proper credit can therefore not be paid. *sigh* Anyway, I use a setting lotion solution to spray each section damp before rolling. If I start with wet hair, I get too much frizz to manage.


*The back can be tricky, if you're setting your own head. Therefore, attempt to be approximate with the pattern but don't sweat it if you just can't quite make it as uniform as the diagram. If your hair is just at shoulder length and layered properly, the reversed directions of the back setting will provide a lovely s-curve in the finished product.

To style:

1. Release curls carefully
2. Shake them out, pulling the individual curls into the direction they're meant to fall.

3. Brush thoroughly all over, using your hand (coated with pomade*) to control frizz.
4. If you have bangs, twist them back so that they blend w/ the resulting waves at the side. Brush all volume out of the top so that the appearance is sleek. Also, the part should be deep, on one side.
5. Use more pomade for shine, spray into place, and go.

* Pomade is Layrite Pomade, which I sell here on my shop. See link at the top of the page.

Video Tutorial, featuring the music of Spike Jones and his City Slickers, The Glen Miller Orchestra, and Anthony Warlow:


Laura (1944)
Starring: Gene Tierney and Clifton Webb
Film Synopsis:

When beautiful Laura Hunt is found shot to death in her apartment, Detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) delves into her life to determine who might be to blame. He finds himself, not only becoming obsessively drawn to the deceased, but also beginning to suspect two key players: Waldo Lydecker(Clifton Webb)and Shelby Carpenter(Vincent Price), both of whom were inlove with the victim. Through her diary and letters, Mark puts pieces of the puzzle together in a largely satisfactory way, that is, until someone unexpected walks through the door and throws the entire case into turmoil.