Wednesday, July 28, 2010

High Humidity Hairstyles~The Structured Ponytail

Here in the Southern United States, the summers seem to be getting worse! My mom lives in Memphis and the last time I was there, the heat and humidity were so intense that being outside for even a couple of minutes, rendered one completely drenched and drained of all energy. The sun beats down mercilessly, filtering thru the haze of humidity so relentlessly, the entire area becomes a virtual Steam Room.
I live in rural Tennessee, a hilly locale about an hour east of Nashville, and though we have nothing like Memphis weather with which to contend, it is still horribly HOT and sticky. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE heat. But humidity gets me down in a way that not much else can. And do I feel like creating a nice hairdo in the meantime? Hardly.
So I came up with a few hairstyles that are relatively easy to create but which are thoroughly humidity proof as well, at least for my hair. They require a structured curl, like a pin curl or other 'cold set' option. And a great pomade does wonders! I prefer a water soluble option, like Layrite (available here in my shop), but you can certainly use another product if that works for you. I can't tolerate a petroleum based product on my head in hot weather...can we say 'Greaser'?
The following hairstyle is what I call 'the structured' ponytail. It's a variation on a typical summer hairstyle, with a few pretty features to give it some punch. Not only is it perfect for daytime events (like Car Shows, theme parks, or a day at the pool), but it also releases into a very pretty look for evening, with just a bit of brushing and a couple of flower clips.

After setting the hair (sleeping on this set will result in minimal 'styling time' the next morning), you will need:
duckbill sectioning clip
rat tail comb
Pomade (I use Layrite, as I mentioned)
Hair Spray (preferably a strong hold option that performs well in humidity)
a few bobby pins
an accessory, if desired

Step One: Release all curls and shake out thoroughly

Step Two: Brush out the curls.

Step Three: Separate a v shaped section at the top hairline,including any bangs if you have them. Clip out of the way for the time being.

Step Four: Brush the rest of the hair into a sleek ponytail. Once secured with an elastic, gather the 'tail' in your palm and brush it around your hand and thumb until it forms a smooth ringlet.

Step Five: Wrap a small (1/2 inch) section of the tail around the elastic, to hide it. Pin in place with small bobby pins in an x formation, firmly against the head. They should be relatively easy to hide.

Step Six: Form the reserved front section into a barrel curl and pin in place, placing pins inside the roll.

Step Seven: Coat hands with pomade and run them over the whole style, gently. This will secure the style and give it some shine. Spray the whole thing for more hold.

I wore this style one HOT day last month and it didn't budge!