Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Diamonds and Dames Episode 16~"Slim's" Sleek Waves

For this entry of Diamonds and Dames, I decided that my hair length was right to finally tackle the much requested style of Lauren Bacall, circa 1944. Her sleek waves are similar in construction to the 'Evelyn Johnson' hairstyle I did based on the film Pearl Harbor, but far more structured and deliberate. Once you are familiar with pin curls and the way they work, it's quite an easy style and looks smashing on just about every gal out there.

You will need:
Pin Curl Clips and/or perming rods (medium sized)
Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion...I'll write a review on this product soon.
Layrite Pomade (sold here on my shop)
Hair Spray ( I like Aussie Sun Touched Shine Hairspray)
Brush with stiff bristles
duckbill clips for waving

1.Run a generous amount of the setting lotion through towel dried hair.

2.Blow hair dry

3. Set the top section of the hair in stand up pin curls or perming rods, aiming back. Use water to spray the hair moist before curling.

4. Set the sides of the hair in forward facing pin curls (I did two rows of two curls each but it depends on your hair texture how many you'll need).

5. Set the back in clockwise/counterclockwise curls, whichever is easier for you.

6. Allow hair to dry completely. Remove Clips/rollers

7. Brush out thoroughly and part deeply on one side.

8. On the heavy side of the part, use duckbill clips to form and secure a wave like Lauren's. Spray to set.

9. Brush out the rest of the hair, forming the curls w/ your hands until it is to your liking.

10. Remove the clips and spray to final set.

Video Tutorial Below:


To Have and Have Not: Film Synopsis

Harry and Eddie, based on the island of Martinique during WW2, have a failing boat charter business that is bound to go under when a customer doesn't pay. They are forced to relinquish their neutral stand and finally take sides w/ the French Resistance by transporting fugitives. A relationship also develops between American resistance sympathizer, Marie, and Steve, which only lends more intrigue to an already complicated situation.

Directed by: Howard Hawks
Starring: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.