Sunday, February 21, 2010


As most facebook users know, doppelgangers were the big topic a few weeks ago, where a huge percentage of users posted as their profile picture, the celebrity they are most often told that they favor. Being a huge fan of classic cinema, it has always bugged me that I get the same contemporary comparisons:

For me, these are the ones I get pretty often:

I see it I guess.

I wish...haha.

These two, I got alot when I was younger:

and this one, which I have to admit was SPOT-ON when I was in my stringy haired grunge phase, as a teen:

I've even had the great misfortune of being compared to these two gems:


Anyway, one of my facebook fans made my day by stating that I reminded them of the lovely Googie Withers and I actually kinda see it:

She favors the general appearance of the women in my family, especially w/ that small top lip and pouty bottom lip. I also see it in the cheekbones. So I just thought I'd share because in my eyes, its leaps and bounds preferable to Sandra Bernhard. *chuckle* I'll take it. ;)