Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Loveliest Viewer Mail of All...

Today in my youtube messages, I got the sweetest mail of all. Usually, I open my mail to the normal influx of requests, questions, and not-so-friendly suggestions. Today, I got one of those notes that makes me rediscover why I started making videos and why I enjoy doing what I do, without pay. It was so lovely and it moved me so much, that I asked her if I could post it as an encouraging blog post to other ladies like her. So this is the message...and this is the darling girl in question:

My name is Amy I'm 17 years old and oh how can I thank you enough! Let me tell you I discovered your channel last July. I fell in love! I've always loved hair but I have been just down right bad at styling my hair. I bought a set of sponge rollers and thought I would give one of your videos a try. The first one I ever tried was your Gil Elvgren Inspired Pin Up video. Let me tell you it was a disaster! It took forever to get all my hair in the rollers, they were uncomfortable in my hair when I went to sleep and when I woke up and took them out they looked ok but when I tried the brushing technique you said to do it turned into clown hair! I was sooo sad and felt defeated, I would never be able to do hair. But my mom came into my room and help me brush them into more of a smooth look it wasn't like it was supposed to be but it looked ok. I kept on watching your videos anyway, even though I couldn't create the beautiful hair styles you made look so easy. Every video of yours that I watched just inspired me more, I couldn't just sit there and not even try to do my hair. So I gave it another go. I have struggled through so many of your videos but I just kept practicing all summer every day! And suddenly like magic it became easier and easier to do my hair. I could follow along better with your new videos and felt confident in my hair. I feel so much better about my self now. I used to walk down the halls of my school with my head held low, I did not feel beautiful. I'm a little over weight but not too much, but I just felt ugly. Now that I can do my hair in so many beautiful ways I feel better about my body and my curves and I have WAY more confidence. At school I am known as the Rockabilly Girl I'm in my Sr year of high school and i am graduating I got a boyfriend for the first time i got a leading part in my schools production of Alice in Wonderland I was the Queen of Hearts, I am the head of hair and makeup for out next production in May Westside Story and I found out last week that I was voted best hair for the year book! I can never thank you enough for your videos they have changed my life, I leave high school on a happy note with confidence joy and beauty thanks to you! I will always remember you for the rest of my life! I know this is a long message and I appreciate you reading it! I thought I would attach a link to a picture on my facebook just so you can see one of the hair styles i created thanks to you! Your The Best!



*sniff sniff* Needless to say, that one made my day!