Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday~ "Wearable Wilma"

For this installment of the 'Animated Angels' series, I chose Wilma Flintstone. I love how classy she remained in spite of the bare feet and rock necklace. Plus, what about that swirly up do?

My interpretation of Wilma is much more wearable than my Minnie Mouse look! I started w/ very neutral makeup and kicked it up with a bold pop of 'Dino' purple, by way of the liner.
Something I realized when I was doing my research for this look is that Wilma has purple lips in almost every picture I the liner was an easy way to tie the eyes to the lips.

For the hair, I opted not to do a predictable top knot, since I felt this could end up looking more 'Pebbles' than 'Wilma' pretty quickly. So I took my inspiration from her signature 'swirls' at the sides and came up w/ an elegant and very simple asymmetrical chignon.

The final look is something that would work for evening but which would still call to mind that elegant barefoot broad. :)

Video Tutorial below: