Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Viva Vittles'~VLV 13 Recap~Sunday

Blustery would be an understatement, to describe this past Sunday in Vegas. It was a windy day indeed for the Pool Party and unfortunately, it shows in all of my pictures. However, in spite of the crazy wind tortured hair, I thought all of you should see this fabulous suit that Heather made for me out of her Esty shop, The Red Dolly. The design is one of her own, doctored up w/ some ruffles that were my idea.

She did a great job with it. I initially had a dogwood blossom just under the right strap but it blew away. Seriously. That's how windy it was. My husband's hat also blew away, right into the pool.
Since he wasn't wearing water-friendly attire, I made the plunge to grab it. My friend Misty got a photo of my retrieval which I will try to include later. Since I was the only person crazy enough to go into the water, I will be easy to spot. Actually, there were a few people in the wasn't cold. Just 'blustery', as I said.

The Surfside IV were brilliant. Lots of dancing going on around the stage. The Bathing Suit contest was also lots of fun. My husband got a shot of the girls lined up to go onstage, just before the contest started. The winner was the lovely lady in the pale green flowered suit. I need to get her name and do a feature on her because the gal has mad posing skills. I was watching her from a distance as she danced around the pool. Every moment was 'clickable' and completely conscious of the camera. She also really favors a young Suzanne Pleshette.

So we lasted as long as we could at the pool party, only taking a little bit of time to enjoy the hot tub before we called it quits.
I can't say it was the best pool party we've had yet, but it was a memorable one certainly. So many great photo ops at the event! I love to walk around and get posed photos from the different stylish couples at the event.

After the party, we headed up to our rooms to get ready for dinner. I opted to wear the Whirling Turban's my FAVORITE dress ever. So I just had to wear it sometime! I wore it with some bone colored platforms from Frederick's of Hollywood (seriously) and a bright double hibiscus blossom from, where else? I also love to wear my bamboo bracelet and earrings w/ this get-up. Lulu was gonna do her 'Bali Hai' makeup for me that night but we ran out of time...:( Anyway, the photos don't do the dress justice, to be honest. Lulu and Misty looked GORGEOUS that night, so I hat to include this cute photo of us all cutting up!

We had a decent dinner at the Koji Japanese/Chinese/Asian whatever-they-wanna-label-it-as restaurant. Incidentally, the food at the Orleans is standard run-o-the-mill fare. Nothing great. For a really good meal, you have to go to the strip or try out local spots like 'Hash House A-gogo'. The Orleans has great '2am' stuff like TGI Fridays, a 'Denny's' Style all night eatery, a decent oyster bar, Don Miguel's Mexican Restaurant, and a typical food court. It does the job. We opted to shop this time, and save our money by eating basic foodstuffs. I even ate Zone Bars for breakfast!

After dinner, we headed back up to the room to pour champagne into cups so we could take them into the show room. .There were no glass containers allowed in the concert or shopping areas so it often looked as if we were 'double-fisting it' when actually, we were just preparing for a long night. Of course, by the time I got to the end of my champagne it was completely flat. I changed my dress because, well, I had an extra dress. And I thought this one went better w/ my new remix shoes, which are perfect for dancing until 3.

I think the picture-taking finger broke at that point. I don't recall taking many more. But I guess that is proof that the fun we had was sufficient for memory.

As always, the Weekender is a blast. It's one of my favorite times of year, in spite of the missing the kids thing. I came home with sore toes, a happy heart, and more than ready to gear up for some new tutorials. Ready...Set...Go!