Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Besame' Post Script...

I love Besame' Cosmetics and everything it stands for. The above photo is such a lovely tribute to those beautiful cosmetic ads of the 1950's...I instantly want to purchase the product. Modern advertisers could learn a thing or two from the simplicity of this type of glamour marketing.

Anyway, in visiting the site today, I not only was reminded of the color 'Carmine' and wanting to repurchase it, but I also discovered this wonderful little sampler pack, which only costs 8.00 and is worth every penny, if you ask me. Not only will you have a nice little supply of reds to use over the course of the summer, but it will also allow you to try the luscious Besame' reds you've been eyeing, without having to make a full sized purchase.

Check out that nifty little booklet that comes with it! I'm ordering my sampler pack right away!

Something else I recently discovered. Remember the Besame' Souffle Foundation that I reviewed a while ago? Well, I was disappointed that none of the shades suited me, if you'll remember. But since then, I've realized something rather pleasant. If you are a fan of Kevin Aucoin's beauty techniques (and who isnt?), one of which claims that the majority of skin types can get away with concealer and powder alone, then you might be happy to find that this foundation works SPLENDIDLY as a concealer. The 'yellow cameo' especially makes an ideal undereye concealer since it counteracts blueness. Finish w/ transluscent powder and you will likely need nothing else for daytime wear. So the color situation turned out to not be that big of a deal.

Anyway, I thought all of that was worthy of a mention...