Friday, May 27, 2011

Manic Panicked!

So evidently, this is what happens when you apply Manic Panic 'Flaming' over red hair with chunks of blonde. A month into it, I had already tired of the blonde steaks with their rapidly expanding roots and cry for expensive 'upkeep'. I've never felt comfortable with maintaining blonde hair at home.

Red, I'm used to. So partly out of impatience and partly out of curiosity, I applied 'Flaming' this morning over all my hair. I usually use this shade to kick up my red hair color when the permanant hue starts to fade. So I am very used to the application of this product. I did NOT expect the blonde streaks to be such a bold primary red. I'm dying to see it under black light! haha

Incidentally, this is gonna fade big time after two or three I'm pretty sure I'll have to do something to doctor up those streaks. Otherwise, they'll be a yucky 'salmon' color after a few days. The rest of the hair turned out just as expected. It usually has a cool tone to it at first and then fades to a nice bright auburn.